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Standing Strong - New Native teen novel - Release date: July 1, 2019 

The life of a suicidal Native American teen girl is transformed when she participates in an environmental protest trying to prevent the construction of an oil pipeline across sacred Native American land. 

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Gary Robinson is a seasoned writer, filmmaker and digital photographic artist of Choctaw and Cherokee Indian descent with experience in many aspects of television production and script writing, as well as fiction and non-fiction publication.

Much of his work has been about or on behalf of American Indian tribes, organizations and businesses, creating video programs and educational materials on the history, culture and contemporary issues of indigenous peoples. His primary passion is the telling of stories that communicate the historic and contemporary struggles and accomplishments of Indigenous people.

Robinson’s latest short novel for teen readers, Supranormal, was published by 7th Generation Books in 2015. This is the third novel in the Billy Buckhorn supernatural thriller series and the 7th novel in the Pathfinders series for teen readers.  This unique book series features Native American teen characters and situations, a first for young adult fiction. (

Recently he was the Co-Producer of a one-hour PBS documentary titled "Healing the Warrior’s Heart," which examines ways that traditional Native American warrior healing and spirituality is being used to heal all veterans suffering from PTSD.   PBS broadcast in 2015.

Also in 2014, his educational DVD/book package The Language of Victory was updated and re-released. The project reveals little known details of American Indian soldiers who used their native languages to send secret U.S. military messages during two World Wars that were never deciphered by enemy forces and helped win American victories. Robinson’s first book From Warriors to Soldiers recounts the history of American Indian service in all branches of the U.S. military.

Over the years, he has written, produced, directed, shot and/or edited more than 100 video/television programs for and about American Indian people. He earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in TV/Film Production from the University of Texas.


Tribal Journey, Thunder on the Plains, Little Brother of War, Son Who Returns and Abnormal (teen novels) – Author; First-ever fictional book series featuring Native American teen characters and situations. Native Voices Books. Published 2013-2015.

Native American Twelve Days of Christmas (children’s book) – Creator/Author;
A Native American version of the classic Christmas song. 2011, Clearlight Publishing, Santa Fe.

The Language of Victory (non-fiction book) – Author; revealing new details about the 30 native languages used as military codes in two World Wars. 2014.

Honoring the Warriors from Pala (non-fiction book) – Writer/Editor; Created to bring honor and recognition to American Indian veterans from the Pala Reservation; Produced on behalf of the Pala Tribal Council. 2009-2010

Native American Night Before Christmas (children’s book) – Creator/Author; adaptation of the classic Christmas story; 2010; Clearlight Publishing of Santa Fe, NM.

“Driving the Chumash Highway” – Author; Historical article with photos published in the California Indian Cultural Center and Museum’s quarterly publication The California Indian, Summer 2008, Vol. 7 Issue 2.

Maria’s Legacy – Writer; documentary on the revitalization of the Samala Chumash Indian language in the Santa Ynez tribal community. Commissioned by the Chumash Elders Committee, Spring, 2009.

Those Who Defend Us: Honoring Chumash Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers (non-fiction book) – Writer/Editor. Produced for the Chumash Elders Council; 2009.

From Warriors to Soldiers (non-fiction book) - Author; a history of American Indian service in the U.S. military from the Revolutionary War to modern times. 2008.


"We Are All Related" (children's animated digital storybook) - Writer, Producer, Director: A Choctaw boy named Sonny takes a walk with his grandpa on the reservation just as the sun goes down. Combining science and Native spirituality, the elder helps the boy to understand how he fits into the great big universe.  Completed July, 2015. Available soon at (streaming site)

"Healing the Warrior’s Heart" (PBS Documentary) - Co-Producer; This one-hour piece examines traditional Native American warrior cultures in the search for healing strategies for American veterans suffering from PTSD.  Broadcast in 2015.

"Johnny Geronimo: Renaissance Indian" (short narrative film) - Writer/Director; Thrill to the amazing adventures of a modern-day Apache as he tries to make it in Hollywood. Featured at the 2014 LA Skins Fest.

"Honoring Chumash Warriors Yesterday and Today" – Producer/Director; documentary short featuring interviews with Chumash veterans. Produced for the Chumash Elders Council, 2012

"Ancestral Languages Heard Again" (educational DVD) – Producer/Director; An examination of the revitalization of California’s indigenous languages. Funded by Sycuan Institute. 2011. Available at and FNX-TV.

"The Language of Victory" (educational DVD) – Producer/Director; revealing new details about the 30 native languages used as codes in two World Wars. 201l.

"Honoring California’s Latino Veterans" (Internet Video/DVD) – Producer/Director; Fundraising video for the California Mexican American Veterans Memorial located at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA. 2011.

"Traffic Counts" (training video) – Writer/Producer/Director; Training video for tribal transportation personnel; commissioned by the NW Region BIA Division of Transportation. 2010

"Twelve Days of Native Christmas" (animated DVD) – Creator/Producer/Director; A Native American version of the classic Christmas song. 2009, Distributed by VisionMaker Media.

"I Am the Warrior" (Internet Video/DVD) - Writer; short film that portrays what it means for Native Americans to serve in the United States military. 3rd Place winner in a national Veterans Day short film competition. 2009.

"Tribal Journeys of the Pacific Northwest" – Producer/Director; fifteen minute documentary on the annual tribal canoe gathering which celebrates the cultures of the coastal regions of Washington & western Canada. Selected to screen at a National Geographic Film Festival in Wash, DC. & at  the U.N. May 2011. Completed 2009. Available on

"Tribal Sovereignty: The Right to Self-Rule – Producer/Director; educational DVD for school/college students. 2007. Available on 

"Native American Night Before Christmas" (animated children’s film) – Creator/ Producer/Director; A Native American version of the classic Christmas song. 2006, Available on Native Flix, FNX-TV and VisionMaker Media (DVD).

"Pathways To Tomorrow" & "Tribal Pathways" Video Series – Producer/Director /Camera/Editor; produced for, and distributed by, the Bureau of Indian Affairs NW Region Roads Program.  Winner: Best Industrial; American Indian Film Festival 2003, San Francisco. Series produced 2003-2010

"Restoring The Sacred Circle" - Script Writer/Co-Producer; Phil Lucas Productions/ Oregon State DHHS (Indian Elder Abuse Prevention video); 2002; Winner: “Best Public Service” Program; American Indian Film Festival 2002, San Francisco.

"Storytellers of the Pacific" - Camera/Editor/Researcher; PBS/Phil Lucas Productions; international co-production/doc. series on the shared colonization experiences of indigenous peoples. Best Documentary Feature – American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco.

"The Native Americans" - Field Prod./Researcher/Writer; Turner Broadcasting/ Transpacific (nationally broadcast doc. series); Broadcast: Turner Broadcasting (TBS); Emmy winner – Documentary category; Best Documentary Feature – American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco.