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This 23-minute educational, non-fiction film examines the true history of California's Spanish missions and reveals little known facts about mission founder Junipero Serra, the punishments inflicted on Native Americans that were essentially used as a slave labor force after they were converted to Christianity. This film has been reviewed and approved by 4th grade teachers around the state, and is already being used in several classrooms. 

What is historical trauma? Where does it come from? How have events in California history impacted generations of California Natives? This half-hour film explores and answers these questions and more. Tribal Psychiatrist Dr. Donna Schindler and Native Californians dive deeply into this topic with an eye toward the healing process. 

Telling the Truth About California Missions

Learn what life was really like for California Natives in the Spanish Missions.

Tears of our Ancestors:

Healing from Historical Trauma

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