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Lands of our Ancestors is a unique historical novel that tells the story of a 12-year-old Chumash boy and his family who become captives in one of the Spanish Missions 200 years ago. This work is historical fiction based on historical fact and is suitable for personal reading or use in the classroom. It is an alternative resource for grades 3 to 5 for classroom teaching on California Indians and the history of Spanish Missions in the Southwest United States. The 70-page Teacher's Guide provides in-depth teaching tools for teachers. 


​My students describes Lands of our Ancestors as adventurous and exciting, and they hope the author will consider a sequel or a series. Mr. Robinson succeeded in hooking them... One student said it was the best "mission story" he'd ever heard while another said it was the best "Native" book he'd read. 

                                                                                                                     -Dessa Drake, 4th grade teacher, Templeton, CA

Lands of our Ancestors addresses a difficult and extremely important subject in an engaging and readable children's historical novel, perfect for inclusion into 4th grade California history curriculum. I loved reading this and was drawn in by the immediacy of the twelve-year-old main character, a Chumash boy named Kilik. 

                                                                                                -Carey McKinnon, Branch Supervisor, Santa Barbara Library System

Lands of our Ancestors

Learn what life was really like for California Natives in the Spanish Missions.